Member Publications

Dr. Kenneth Forman & Dr. Wafa Deeb-Westervelt, Diving into Data - The Key to Improving Instruction for 21st Century Education Leaders, Pearson Publishers 2016


Forman, Kenneth and Soloff, Jeffrey, Preparing for Educational Leadership, Pearson Publishers, 2010


Designed for perspective school building and district leaders, this book provides a road map to help aspiring leaders successfully pass the New York State licensing examinations.


Forman, Kenneth and Soloff, Jeffrey, Preparing for Educational Leadership, 3rd Edition, 2018


Martin Mandelker, Pistol Packing Principal isn’t the Answer, NEWSDAY, February 16, 2012


During a time of increasing concerns regarding school safety, this article was written to refute claims that teachers and administrators should be armed in order to make schools safer for children and staff members.


Howard Pierson, Why I Wasn't There, A Soldier's Memoir of World War II, Xlibris, 2007


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