About Us

At New York State Retired School Administrators & Supervisors our mission is to improve the well-being of our members while also advocating for students and the ongoing improvement of education in public schools.

NYSRSAS has hundreds of members across the state and we keep them apprised of happenings on the political and legislative arenas through our quarterly newsletter and membership luncheons. We are always eager to welcome new members to our ranks.  If you are aware of individuals who have recently retired, please encourage them to join us at our luncheon and other activities. For our upcoming meeting schedule please click here.

We host annual luncheons for our membership with informative topics and speakers.  As always we welcome members to attend our Executive Board meetings and we invite your input at any time.


Our Executive Board is as follows: 


1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Treasurer, Benefits
Recording Secretary


Eugene Goldwasser
Patricia Galakas
Ken Forman
Edward (Ned) Price
Sherry Alessandro

Committee Chairs

Political Action

Mary Louise Haley
Stewart Mortman
John Wallace
Corine Lipset-Huberman
Martin Mandelker

Members at Large

Sherry Alessandro
Vincent Deland
John Fogliano
Elliot Kigner
David Long
George Pincus
Lois Small
Seth Weitzman
Jack Zamek
Joseph Quinn

Annual Financial Statement 

To look over the Annual Financial Statement of the NYSRSAS please click here. 


For more information on New York State Retired School Administrators and Supervisors or to join our organization you can contact us through our website by clicking the blue Contact box on the right, or you can email us at info@nysrsas.org or give us a call at 631-761-5451.


1300 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 330
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: 631-761-5451
Fax: 631-761-5454
Email: info@nysrsas.org